I am standing for the 2016 Federal Election as an independent candidate, because I am passionate about politics and the impact they have on our community and our country. I believe that our dual political system prevents all Australians from being heard and responded to properly, because our voice counts only if expressed through one of the major parties.

If elected, I will stand for getting a fairer and better deal for you on issues that are left unresolved.

My extensive professional experience in industry, small business, and private and government organisations and in not for profit sector combined with my passion for making a difference gives me a solid foundation to progress these issues for you.

A responsible Government that listens
Government that listens and consults; with a responsible plan for spending taxpayers money.
Industry Development for Jobs
Replacing declining industries and industries that have closed with alternative solutions to keep jobs local
Cutting the Red Tape for Small Businesses
Cutting the red and green tape to keep small business stronger and local jobs stronger – hundreds of new regulations have been created that are strangling the small business.

Fewer regulations, lower taxation,removal of the payroll tax, better access to finance are needed to keep small business strong.
Housing and rental affordability
Governments have tried and failed to deliver on the fundamental need of our society – affordable housing.
Governments do not have the political courage to tighten the foreign investment rules, to curb property sales to foreign investors, to make changes to negative gearing and to capital gain tax.
The result? The ordinary Australians like you and me can no longer afford to buy their homes. It is becoming more and more difficult to rent and buy in the areas they work.
This has to change.
Stop selling Australian assets
Both Liberal and Labor governments have failed to protect and to retain Australian assets and continued on the selling spree. Farms, land, ports, mines, historical buildings and government owned corporations.
. This has to stop.
Jobs for all Australians
Foreign student’s visas and 482 visas are taking Australian jobs. Tighter regulations and restrictions are needed to protect local jobs and Australian first policy must apply.
Mature workers cannot find jobs – only 12% of people in the “mature worker” category find work. The government has no plans to create jobs for mature workers.
For all the talk about “jobs and growth” the reality for many Australians is no jobs, part time jobs and casual jobs.
The pension age increase to 70, cuts to pension payments previously proposed are still on the government agenda.
Cuts to pensions should not be approved. Pension age should not be increased to 70.
Most of the federal politicians will be paid a pension of $118 000 a year – and in some cases much more- for their life. This is not how it is for most ordinary Australians.
Pensioners deserve a decent life.
Transparency of trade agreements
The government is proudly displaying their achievements in signing recent trade agreements, with little information on what really is in it for us.
We need more transparency on these deals and how they affect Australian jobs, assets, and the economy.
Equal Pay for Equal work
Removing the "gender pay gap" – pay inequity affects people you know and care about Women still earn in average 17.5% less than men for the same job.

This should change.
Protection of Superannuation
Superannuation savings will increase from the current 9.25% to 12% in the coming years These savings are not guaranteed. If your super fund makes a bad investments or collapses you will loose your lifetime savings. Remember Trio Capital collapse? $ 175Million lost of superannuation savings? And super fund fees? It doesn't matter if your fund is performing well or not – you will still pay the fees Fee structure – unregulated and too high!

It doesn't have to be that way – there are better ways in place in other countries.
Improvements to Unemployment System and Unemployment Insurance Scheme
Unemployment is on the rise. Anyone could become unemployed during their professional careers: redundancies, closures of business: nobody is protected. If you lose your job – you could become poor, homeless, ill and rejected. Your world could crash in a short period of time. Unemployment benefits are shamefully low in Australia by international standards- we need a better system and more protection. It should not be this way – there are better and successful schemes in other countries – why not to use this experience to improve our system? Introduction of an unemployment insurance scheme for all – as it is in place in other countries- could be an answer.

It has to change.
Affordable and Available Child Care
Waiting lists?
High costs?
Not in your area?
Unskilled and underpaid child care staff?
Parents forced to compromise their careers because of the shortage of the affordable child care?

It can be changed.