How to Vote Card

Voting rules for the Senate have changed this election.

Your vote can save the Senate from becoming a rubber stamp legislative. Stand up to protect our democracy- don’t vote major parties into the Senate- vote for an independent senator who will always put your and national interest first and will not be driven by personal or party interest.

How to vote for Joanna Rzetelski:

On the senate ballot paper (white ballot paper) mark below the line in the Ungrouped section:

Place the number 1 in the box next to my name below the line to mark your first choice:


Then place numbers from 2 to 12 for candidates of your choice below the line.

You must number 12 boxes of your choice below the line for your vote to be valid.

I do not allocate preferences – follow your own choice.
You do not need to complete above the line section if you choose to vote below the line.
It is amazing how powerful a piece of paper can be.