Our Privacy Policy

Any information collected through this website will be treated and managed in compliance with the Australian Privacy Act to ensure your privacy is protected.

Personal information

Personal information provided and collected through this website will only be used for the purposes of communicating to supporters on news and activities related to the Federal Election 2016 or for contacting supporters. Personal information provided and information collected through this website will not be disclosed to any third party unless by express permission of the individual concerned or by court order.

Statistical data

Our systems collect non-identifying information relating to website usage by visitors to the website via cookies. This information includes time, date, IP address, browser and other general website usage information. This information will not be used to identify any individual unless by court order served on our ISP. Whilst all reasonable measures have been taken to ensure your safety and privacy, users are advised that there are inherent risks in transmitting information across the internet. If you have any privacy concerns please contact us: joanna@independentcandidate.com.au

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