About Me


I was born in Warsaw, Poland, where I grew up, completed my education and was married. I left Poland with my husband as a young graduate. We lived and worked in Switzerland for 12 years, where our son was born, before arriving in Australia through the skilled migration program some 24 years ago. Ever since then, Australia has been great for me and my family, and I am a very proud citizen.

I graduated with a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering.  I worked in research and development before moving into project management, quality, risk and compliance. I have held senior leadership roles in large industrial organisations in chemical, automotive, defence and rail industries, in Australia, USA, and Europe and extensively in Asia for both private and public organisations. My experience includes working with Ford Motor Company, Mitsubishi Motors, Downer EDI Rail, the Department of  Industry and Trade in South Australia and the Department of Defence. I have also run my own successful business in quality management consulting in Australia and Singapore. And recently I had the  great opportunity to experience work in the not for profit sector , working for Wesley Mission.  So I am experienced and well prepared to reperesent you on matters that I will be standing for, if elected.

Community involvment
I was always  very active in community programs, mainly through local schools and secondary education boards.

I was very interested in politics, during my university years through student associations and later throughout my adult life. I have started to become more involved in politics in recent years because I am genuinely concerned about our country`s future, our wellbeing and how politics shape our lives, not always in a positive ways. I am concerned about Governments not listening to people and not governing responsibly. I want to make governments listen to and act on the voters real needs.


Your vote will allow you to have your voice heard in Canberra.

I am standing for 2016 Senate Election because I am – as many of you- concerned about the state of politics in our country: self –centered personal debates, broken promises, political deals that take this country backwards and the dual political system that prevents all Australians from being heard in Parliament. Our voice counts only if expressed through one of the major parties. And because I am concerned about the impact the politics have on every aspect of our life, families and the country. As an independent candidate I want to hold federal government accountable for delivering on the election promises they gave us to be elected. If elected I will fight for your voice to be heard on matters that are important to you.