senate Independent candidate | Joanna Rzetelski

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The Government has changed the Senate vote.
Not in favor of the ordinary Australians.
Not in favor of independent candidates.
Not in favor of democracy.
The changes favor the major political parties and aim to eliminate independent vote. The changes are robbing us of democracy.
Major parties are gearing up to use the new Senate voting system to gain majority in the Senate- even if they have to form odd alliances and make shonky preference deals to get there!
If we – the voters- allow for this to happen, the Senate will become a rubber stamp for all government policies.
You will have no say on what goes through. As many of you – I am very concerned.
Don’t fall into the trap! Do not let the Senate to become a rubber stamp for the ruling party.
Do not vote for major parties in the Senate election.
Vote below the line. Your vote can save our democracy!